For Care Coordinators

Access Stability Program

We offer a variety of highly effective behavioral therapy and consultation programs for children and adolescents in the child welfare and foster care systems.

Our Goal

We strive to increase skill repertoires and decrease or prevent disruptions that cause lasting unrest for the child and coordination challenges for the case management team.

Our Approach

We offer one-on-one ABA therapy on a full- or part-time basis for 20 to 40 hours per week. All therapy takes place under the supervision of a master’s level Board Certified Behavior Analyst and occurs in environments where the patient needs the most assistance—such as the home, school, and/or Access Behavior Analysis therapy center.

Our Plan

After identifying problem behavior functions, we develop and implement a plan to replace problem behaviors with appropriate ones that serve the same function. Throughout each therapeutic day, we continuously collect data to ensure the effectiveness of the treatment plan. Along the way, we reduce families’ stress by teaching families positive strategies to improve challenging behaviors in their homes.

We work with the case management team to establish clear, manageable milestones.