For Schools

We partner with schools to provide additional support.

Our services may include consulting and training of school staff, conducting a functional behavior assessment (FBA), creating an appropriate behavior intervention plan (BIP), and providing one-on-one behavioral support for learners. We assist with the implementation of IEP goals and accommodations.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide “real life” solutions that a teacher and/or aide can realistically implement (whether initially or after our behavior technicians begin to fade supports) in their classroom environments. We want the teacher to be able to focus on teaching and the learner to have the skills to be productive in the classroom.

Our Approach

Our approach with each classroom we enter is as individualized as our services for each learner. An initial assessment is conducted to determine the most appropriate level of services, identify the place(s) of the services, and develop appropriate treatment goals. We work with the learner, the school and the family to complete this assessment. Services may be provided exclusively in the school, home, community, or our clinic, or they may be braided across these environments.

Our behavior technicians will teach and fade prompts, while modeling our techniques to school staff and transferring instructional control to them. Our behavior analysts will provide regular (typically weekly) consultations and provide training on behavior analytic interventions and techniques to all individuals who comprise the learner’s educational team.

Examples of current school supports we provide:

A learner was placed in our services due to intensive behavioral issues in both the home and school setting. We immediately began services across both environments. We taught a morning routine in the home, “student behaviors” and compliance in the school setting, and provided training and support for the family to continue teaching their child outside of school. He has been receiving services for approximately five months. We have faded from forty hours per week to sixteen hours per week, with the learner fully stabilized in his school setting.

We blend multiple research proven therapies into one powerful solution.