Our Services

Our extensively trained staff provides very focused, highly engaging one-on-one therapy that breaks milestones into manageable portions. We systematically track progress and consistently modify the game plan as needed.

For Young Children: 18 months to 8 years

This revolutionary and intensive ABA program fuses speech, language, social and ABA therapies for unmatched effectiveness.

For Adolescents & Young Adults: 9 to 21 years old

We help you find the answer to, “What’s next for my child?” This comprehensive ABA therapy program utilizes real-world situations to teach those with autism how to adapt to various daily life requirements.

We provide families a complete package of services, including:

Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy (ABA)

Speech Therapy

Language Therapy

Social Skills Therapy

Pre-Academic Skills

Academic Skills

Daily Living Skills

Toilet Training

Expanding Food Repertoires

Problem Behavior Reduction

About Our Process
Step 1
One of our Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) will conduct a full assessment of your child’s current skills to develop individualized treatment and behavior goals supported by speech, language and ABA sciences to fit your child’s needs.
Step 2
A dedicated team of therapists will then work one on one with your child to achieve the targets created just for him or her.
Step 3
A BCBA provides ongoing consultations to confirm progress, make any necessary modifications, and suggest interventions for new behaviors that may arise.

Each therapist that works at Access Behavior Analysis receives intensive, ongoing training in the sciences of speech, language and ABA. We extend the power of our center-based training by providing parent support and training to facilitate equal progress in the home environment.

Access Behavior Analysis offers the most comprehensive, fully tailored treatment plan to families.