About Access Behavior Analysis

What makes our clinic unique?

Research shows that young children who receive intensive ABA therapy early on get the best results. But most children with autism have speech, language and social difficulties that speech-language pathologists are uniquely qualified to address. At other ABA clinics, these sciences are kept separate. Children receive ABA therapy from one practitioner and speech therapy from another, with little, if any, integration across therapies. We fuse the sciences together into one cohesive and transformative treatment.

Designed and developed by the first speech-language pathologist and behavior analyst in Indiana — one of only a handful of dually certified practitioners in the world —we base our innovative therapy program on the premise that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Behavior analysis is a science, that when applied to other sciences, makes both sciences more effective. We believe integrating therapies makes each component more effective and gives our families a wider circle of experienced professionals working together toward one goal.

In essence, Access Behavior Analysis melds multiple research-proven therapies into one powerful solution.

We blend multiple research proven therapies into one powerful solution.