Janine Shapiro

Janine is an Executive Clinical Director at Access Behavior Analysis and the first dually certified behavior analyst and speech-language pathologist in the state of Indiana. She remains one of only a handful of practitioners with both certifications in the world and has over 18 years of experience treating the speech, language, and social deficits of children and adolescents with autism. She speaks at conferences and training events around the world and enjoys sharing the power of behavior analysis with fellow speech-language pathologists.

Janine co-authored research concerning the effectiveness of Social Thinking therapy, which was published in the Journal of Autism and Development Disorders and co-authored a chapter in Essential for Living—a curriculum guide and assessment tool for people with moderate to severe disabilities. In addition, she has taught numerous undergraduate and graduate courses in Behavior Analysis at Ball State University.

Access Behavior Analysis offers the most comprehensive, fully tailored treatment plan to families.