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Applying ABA Therapy Beyond Autism

Those of us trained in Applied Behavior Analysis know how this therapy method can help all kids with disabilities — as well as those without a disability. Unfortunately, most of the funding and press for ABA only focuses on autism when so many more children would benefit from integrating ABA into their therapy regimen. That’s … more »

Meet Haley: Access’ Superhero Artist

Haley Babcock creates all of the beautiful and bright art that adorns the walls at Access Behavior Analysis. She combines her lifelong passion for painting with her experience working with children to bring the artwork to life. Her words below speak to what makes Haley special and why she represents our core belief that human … more »

The Myths I Believed About ABA Therapy

by Janine Shapiro, Co-Clinical Director of Access Behavior Analysis   As the first dually certified speech-language pathologist and behavior analyst in Indiana, I fully believe in the power of fusing speech, language, social, and Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) sciences together for a more effective treatment. But I haven’t always been a proponent of ABA. Early … more »

Featured in Indy Kids Directory

  When Kim and Jay Brant of Indianapolis went for their 30-week ultrasound, the doctor delivered devastating news. Their son, Bowen, had massive tumors in his heart — a hallmark sign he would be born with the rare genetic disease tuberous sclerosis, which causes benign tumors to grow on vital organs. Once born, the tumors … more »

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