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New Access Clinic Opening in Fishers

Janine Shapiro, CCC-SLP, BCBA

We are thrilled to announce that a new Access clinic will be opening at the beginning of May in downtown Fishers, conveniently located just a couple minutes drive west of I-69.  This new location will exclusively serve children between the ages of eighteen months and eight years.  We admittedly pondered long and hard whether to expand Access’ unique ABA services to another location or extend the waitlist for the Nora clinic. We eventually decided that to serve more families while maintaining our focus on our current clients, we would need clinical professionals with extensive experience in ABA, speech-language pathology, and combining both sciences for maximum effect.  We couldn’t be more proud of the team we assembled.  Every behavior analyst (BCBA)/SLP-BCBA is a current employee or a former colleague.  The concentration of talent in Fishers is extraordinarily high and equal to the level that first defined Access.  

Long ago, on a piece of scrap paper, the three of us designed a floor plan for an ABA clinic that would facilitate playful learning.  When we first stepped into the Fishers building, we found ourselves in almost the exact space we had envisioned. Much like our current clinic, the space is arranged to foster natural interactions.  Clients will not have individual rooms assigned to them.  While there are many areas available for focused teaching and quiet learning, the layout encourages lots of movement, exploration, and social engagement throughout the day. 

We’re so excited to be able to offer Access’ synergistic therapy to more families.  If you’re interested in learning more about ABA and what sets Access apart, we’d love to introduce you to our incredible Fishers-based clinical team and give you a tour of our beautiful new clinic!  

Alysia, Ashley & Janine

New Access Clinic Opening in Noblesville

A couple years ago, Ashley, Alysia and I realized that many children who attend the Fishers clinic travel from Noblesville.  Not long afterwards, the Fishers clinic approached full capacity, and the three of us commenced an intensive search for a Noblesville building to create more space in Fishers and reduce commute durations for our Noblesville … more »

Access Joins the Lighthouse Family

Alysia, Ashley and I started Access in 2013 to create therapy programs that fuse the best practices of speech-language pathology and behavior analysis. We envisioned thoughtfully curated spaces that would inspire communication and laughter. We wanted every learner who walked through our doors to feel understood and supported as they worked to realize their potential. … more »

The Power of Gestures

My most used tool in my practitioner’s toolbox is one that at first glance often seems foreign to both speech-language pathologists AND Board Certified Behavior Analysts.  Many of my therapy sessions feature a variety of hand gestures that either supplement or replace my verbal speech prompts with learners.  The gestures aren’t American Sign Language or … more »

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