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A Whole New Approach to Living

After receiving a diagnosis of autism, life quickly changes from stable to unsettled. Unexpected feelings of hopelessness, fear and doubt set in as parents search desperately for answers and the right help.

In these uncertain moments, Access Behavior Analysis helps by taking a whole new approach to autism therapy. We offer one transformative treatment plan that helps families reclaim their quality of life.

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A Fusion Approach to Treatment

Access Behavior Analysis offers the most comprehensive, fully tailored autism treatment plan to families by combining the industry-backed science of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy with the proven practices of speech, language, and social therapies. We infuse ABA into all of our treatment plans to successfully teach kids with a broad range of developmental and behavior challenges.

Through this synergistic approach, our goal is to improve the quality of life — for the child and the parents. Each one of our intensive teaching procedures strives to completely alter the trajectory of a child’s life by continually removing restrictions in the present environment and gently guiding the child to more natural settings.

We provide families a complete package of services, including:

Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy (ABA)

Speech Therapy

Language Therapy

Social Skills Therapy

Pre-Academic Skills

Academic Skills

Daily Living Skills

Toilet Training

Expanding Food Repertoires

Problem Behavior Reduction

Blending multiple research-proven therapies into one powerful solution, we offer families the most complete, effective approach to autism treatment available.

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